Inspired by a song  July 13, 2009 - July 30, 2009

Contest Completed


Overall winner =] - The Alternative
Most recongizably inspired - [writing deleted]
Most interesting take on the song - Sting\'s Desert Rose
Wonderful anaylising of the words - Good Ole Days
Dual meaning - [writing deleted]
The artist would be proud of you - The Song
You should be an advert for the song - [writing deleted]
Deep & Thoughtful - [writing deleted]
Honurable mention - Cold, Cold Circle
Honurable mention - Misery Business


Songs are a great insperation to many poets/story wirters and the like. On many occasions i have found myself reading/listning to lyriks and felt the need to write something and i dont belive im alone.
So here it is a contest based purely on those pieces of writing, the only request is that in your little description you state the song that inspired you to write you beautiful piece.
Lets see what you got guys!!


Ama May Cooper
Ama May Cooper
London, south west, United Kingdom


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