Interest me  March 4, 2013 - March 9, 2013

Contest Completed


Award for strangest work - A-B-C 'S of Johnny Depp
Award for most interesting work - Crumbling Under a Feather
Award for making me think - Killer Cocktail
Award for best laugh - Dear Human,
Award for best over all work - Letter (Please listen to the video while reading)


So I see a theme emerging with my contests, If there is one thing I hate it's depressive poetry, I have to much free time so I will read anything you put in front of me, the amount of poetry I read that has a variation on the line "My soul is dark" makes me want to cry.

So a challenge for you all, write something that will interest me, either showing off your unique style or subject, interesting format whatever you want.

I don't care if you write me a poem about batman (but that's another contest) just give me something interesting. :)


You will restore my faith in poetry and humanity


Shannen Forrester
Shannen Forrester
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