Is anybody out there?  January 6, 2009 - January 31, 2009

Contest Completed


Ist prize - it - Self Inflicted End To the Voices
2nd prize - is that a fish floating in the air - The Circus of the Smile
3rd prize - haunted by imagined demons - The Unforgettable Stranger...


The groups are dead, long live the groups. In an effort to revive group interaction, I'm opening a contest for fiction writers.

Submit a story of Magical Realism (fiction with just a touch of the unexplained/magical, or something that is all in the mind) of up to 5000 words.

Join the MRU, submit your story, and then join us for discussion in our Forum, perhaps telling us about your story, what inspired it, what you like about it, your general take on Magical Realism. The WritersCafe is dying for lack of true interaction. Let's change that NOW!


Featured for (at least) a week in the Magical Realists Union


Stephen Ferre
Stephen Ferre
Cincinnati, OH


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