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It's Uncanny. . .this love!  March 19, 2008 - April 1, 2008

Contest Completed


Bestest Love-ness! (1st) - I Got Cancer because of Michelle Stark
You feel the love (2nd) - Next To Another Man\'s Girlfriend At The Bus Stop
You see the love (3rd) - Heartbeat.
You hear the love (4th) - Death need not end this affair
You feel the like - Unrequited Love
You see the like - Red
You hear the like - `Mon Amour`
Honor Love - I Count My Days
Honor Love - Realization
Honor Love - Carry Me


I want to see writing that depicts love, but not in the fairytale sense.


reviews!! and pretty icons for your page.


Lauren Burch
Lauren Burch
Aubrey, TX


29 Contestants
65 Submissions
Created Mar 19, 2008

Devils Gambol
Why am I drown to her? I could lose everything. I don't know her. She's deadly. Zeus won't be happy...
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