It's just ridiculous!  February 29, 2008 - April 1, 2008

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Mad as a badger - Unnaceptable things
Slightly bonkers - Wamble Cage


The time has come, the walrus said�

Celebrating the new Nonsense genre on Writer's Caf�, I am starting my first contest.

Throughout the Mad March Hare month, I'd like you to send me your nonsense poems and short (like the length of a hare's tail�) pieces of writing. Nonsense and Limericks only!

They may be acrostic, they may be agnostic, they may alliterate, or they may be illiterate, they may rhyme, but they may not reason.

And... to make things more ridiculous, I am starting this contest, with a Mad March hare leap, on the 29th February... hippety hoppety hoo haa.

Ladies, you may propose marriage to me, or another beau if you really insist, on this day also. In a ridiculous style of course!

Think Lewis Carroll, think Edward Lear, think Ivor Cutler and Spike Milligan amongst others. Let me know if there is a writer that particularly inspires you!

In the interest of fair nonsense, this contest will be by vote, so vote, baby, vote!

I'll be announcing winners on All Fools Day!


$00000000000000000, monopoly money, maybe�



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Created Feb 8, 2008