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Gold - [writing deleted]
Silver - Misfortune
Bronze - Coffee Shop


I haven't seen a contest that thrills me enough to participate so instead I thought that I would create one that I would be happy to participate in.

The rules are. . .

1. 100% correct grammar. I'm about to be an English teacher so don't think I'm not serious. Playful poetry is fine but if you're misspelling words and using blatantly incorrect punctuation, you will be disqualified.

2. Only ONE submission allowed.

3. The piece must be inspired by or based on either coffee or tea solely. If I can't tell that the theme of the piece is on coffee or tea then you're pretty well toast.

I want to see some variety! If someone could give me a horror on coffee that would sure be interesting, eh? Be creative but more importantly, inspired!

I will review every piece and keep them as documents to be graded just like I'm teaching a class. I will be as fair as I can. Absolutely do NOT plagiarize. I have friends that are expert snoopers on plagiarizers.

Have fun!


$0.00, A sample of some locally free direct trade Spunky Monkey coffee from Portland, OR. WELL WORTH THE EFFORT!


I Cast a Shadow
I Cast a Shadow
Portland, OR


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