Join Us: A Publicity Stunt  August 13, 2010 - August 30, 2010

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Best All Around - Tattoo My Soul
Makes Me Emo - I Am Not
Dr. Feelgood - The Tiger & Tigress
Rolling On The Floor Laughing - The Boy Who Lived (Expecto Patronum)
Gooest Romance - [writing deleted]
So Scary That Satan Was Scared - Prologue: 1943
Greatest Poem Ever! - [writing deleted]
I'm Was Not Anything, But I Still Rule. - Enough


This is a publicity stunt. Join the not so dark side, we have cookies. So, enter your wonderful anything, poems, stories, books, screenplays, I don't care. Just join our group and submit writing. The awards will be for different things so check them out and enter accordingly.


$0.00, The Ability To Join An Awsome Group! And A Shinny Button... But You Might Already Have That...



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