Just Write  October 2, 2010 - October 5, 2010

Contest Completed


Winner! - Are you ready to play?
Second Winner! - A Boy Who Loved A Boy
Third Winner! - Magnum Opus
Thanks for entering - Living Hell
Thanks for entering - Glitter
Thanks for entering - Blissful Dreams
Thanks for entering - Eclectic Companion
Thanks for entering - Days Gone By
Thanks for entering - [writing deleted]
Thanks for entering - Chaos


I want it all! From erotica to frickin bible versus i want all of you to send in your absolute best writing. the fun of it? you only get one entry and you've only got til monday to decide! ENJOY!


you will be immortalized as the best writer in the world (if i had that power..)



36 Contestants
36 Submissions
Created Oct 2, 2010

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