Just for fun  January 15, 2010 - March 15, 2010

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First place - family troubles
Second place - Fling
Third place - When No Human Could


Reading is a joy, writing is better. Write a story of any genre that includes the following scenerios--
1) Finding an object that would fit into a shoe box (any item you wish, but it has to be included through out the story not necessarily an important part of the story but mentioned through out)
2)The character has to go through a significant change( can be in looks, personality or other change)
3)Something off the wall has to happen (but it must fit into your story line, don't throw a unicorn into a western)
4)Must be at least 3000 words or more.
I judge as a reader not an editor, I look at it how I would a story or book that I picked up at the library. Is your character real, does the story flow well enough. Focus on the story and the characters.


First prize-$10 gift card, second and third $5 gift card, either mailed to you or I will scan them and send via email. Who says it doesn't pay to have fun??


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