Kinks&Killers  November 10, 2014 - December 8, 2014

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Serial Killer MO: Beautiful Words - Reborn
Writing to Die, or Kill, For - Rose
Take a Deep Breath and Read It Again - Dirty Dolly’s Day of Debauchery, Discovery and ethics Dubious.


Hello all!

This is a contest for the depraved of heart and mind, and I hope there are a few of you out there at least;; By kinks I hope you know what I mean: I want love/hate relationships, fascinations with death and killing, blood and carved lines, kisses that turn into bites, psychological mind-breakers sad enough to bring a tear and sick enough to bring up bile. I hope you understand what I mean. <3

I'm fine with mature content and whatever format, but I would prefer that no pictures, music, videos, or obnoxious fonts taint what is already tainted~

If you've never explored the gore/kink/love-hate genre I would implore you to, and have fun!



Bragging rights.



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Created Nov 11, 2014