Kittens!  January 8, 2011 - May 31, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


Haha. But seriously, the object of this contest is to write an amazing anything about kittens! :D It can be a short story, a sketch, a poem, a song- anything! But it has to be about kittens! Preferably cute. I'm not keen on violence on kittens. Or any other animals, for that matter. It doesn't matter if the poem rhymes or not or how fancy it is. Be as eloquent as you like, or as simple as you like. I don't mind if it's a sad story about your beloved kitten who died, or a cute tale of a couple of kittens getting into mischief. Just kittens! :D

Final checklist:
-Must be story(or story-ish) or poem
-No kitten violence (unless it's kitten-on-kitten and adorable)

Oh, and please don't make it horrendously long. XD

Now for some inspiration for those who need it.






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