Knee Deep in Euphemism - The Forum Poetry Contest 1  September 10, 2007 - October 11, 2007

Contest Completed


Love God - [writing deleted]
Love Master - [writing deleted]
Lover - [writing deleted]
Love Candidate - [writing deleted]
Love Apprentice - Poetic Ecstasy
"L" plate - [writing deleted]


Reading Anne Martin's Practise got me thinking. (I know, dangerous.)

A Poem by Anne Martin

For the first Forum poetry contest, we are concentrating on euphemism. Write a poem (not more than 1000 words) about physical love, using none of the sex words (including "sex" itself), no anatomical sex words, NOTHING explicit. I want these to be rated PG on the surface, before you unravel the euphemism. Don't use the traditional euphemisms either. You will be judged on the inventiveness of the euphemism as well as the quality of the poetry.

I'll weed it down to 6 and then put it to a vote.


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Atlanta Carter
Atlanta Carter
York, United Kingdom


Created Sep 11, 2007