Know Thyself  July 28, 2010 - August 28, 2010

Contest Completed


Free from chains - The Phenomenon I call Me
On a short leash - Critical
Walking with a ball and chain - A Beautiful Mess
Fixed on Fate - My Power Story


This contest was brought about for the sole reason that I want to see individuals write about who they are. I myself am not looking for writing that pleases the multitude of cafe readers. So take time to reside in yourself, feel emotion, and show your true form. All area's of poetry are welcome. ( A short description of whom you are will help in the voting process ) So without further ado, good luck with your work's and remember you have a month to write or submit who you are.


Any submission will be reviewed regardless of winning.


Chilson, Joshua
Chilson, Joshua
St. Louis, MO


22 Contestants
22 Submissions
Created Jul 28, 2010

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