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I need CPR because I'M GONNA DIE LAUGHING!!! - We Don\\\'t Fight Fair ;)
Holy sh*t, you made me pee my pants laughing! - [writing deleted]
LOL - The Lot Lizards of Trucker Island


When I got here on the Cafe, I used to read a lot of humor stories and most of them got me to crack up. Now whenever I go to find something funny to read, almost NOTHING cracks me up. Alright, here's the deal: you can write about anything, but for the love of God, be creative, original and FUNNY. I miss reading funny stuff here, so I'm calling everyone with a funny story to help me find the funniest of the funny. Go for it and crack me up!


$0.00, Knowing I actually laughed at your stuff.


Here's What I Say
Here's What I Say
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Living in Italy
Living in Italy
Ever dreamt about moving to Italy? Think again! Read the hilarious adventures of two Dutchmen who took the plunge.
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Heaven Is Accessible
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