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Your heart is like melted gold! - Sea Foam Skies
emotions overflow! - Fairy Tales
I love the way you love! - Worthy
beautifully written - The Slow Capture
Love is your middle name - You Know How I Do
So lovely.. x - How Quickly the Smoke Clears


They say we all have a heart, do we? Boys have broken my heart what about yours? Are you in a happy and loyal relationship? Write about it if you are please, tell me about the way she/he kisses you.. If not tell me about the way he ONCE held you, or he/she once betrayed you! Write about the way you pray you had someone, write anything. Just open your heart and flood the page with you TRUE emotions!
1) No swearing please!
2) Mild sex scenes only, not to much detail please!
3) Half a page at the maximuim please.


bethany cullen
bethany cullen
glasgow, ilovegod, United Kingdom


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