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LOVE HATER  September 4, 2010 - September 11, 2010

Contest Completed


Spew Out Love - [writing deleted]
Gnashing Your Teeth at Love - [writing deleted]
Seething Love - Paradoxical Love
Spit and Spat on Love - I'm So Sorry
Such a Love Hater - Broken Heart
Revolting Love - Cruel Intentions
You Disgust Me Love - Scream And Shake
Scornful Love - Who Can Win?
To Ridicule Love - S.L.A.P
Scoffer of Love - Tell me


Have you ever felt like you are finished with love? Or are you simply exasperated and infuriated with the opposite sex? Have you been so hurt and bruised that you swear of love? If you ever felt like a love hater, please give me your poems. Misery loves company!


$0.00, Respect



35 Contestants
79 Submissions
Created Sep 5, 2010