Latin America  July 3, 2017 - December 15, 2017

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Diva - Beyond the Wall
World Citizen - Rising from Ashes
Aficionado - Harlem
Mencion Honorable - Story of Me


Have you visited, studied in, or lived in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central, or South America? Has someone from the region been important to you? Do you enjoy cooking Latin food, or Latin dancing, or Latin poetry? Tell us how Latino culture has impacted you, tell us your travel experiences, tell us about being lost and sick in the streets of Venezuela or climbing a volcano in Costa Rica. Learning to cook with a Puerto Rican family.

This contest is for two audiences:

1) writers who have lived a considerable amount of time in Latin America, whose work is influenced by their time spent there
2) Works about people, places, cultural elements, or ideas in or from, Latin America

If the connection is not obvious please take a moment to explain it in your writer's comment section. Otherwise, pieces that do not fit the criteria will be disqualified.

I am accepting works in either English or Spanish, or both. An English or Spanish translation from Portuguese or an indigenous language is acceptable as well.

Let's see what you WC adventurers have to offer!!


entre Guatemala y Estados Unidos


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