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Logo limerick and Title of: Carrier of the sign. - Limerick Logo Contest
Title of: Head fool - Some rime with that?
Title of: Distillery guard. - EXIT 8 AGAIN
Title of: Guard to Distillery guard. - Poem 2 for Laughing Limerick contest
Title of: Fixer of funny bone. - Much Ado About Nothing


You've all seen the logo we have. Lovely thing it is too. So. How about a limerick to go with the photo?

They're forcing me to limit submissions to 10 each person. And they won't let me submit even though I wasn't going to judge it so I'm going to judge. I say we start a written campaign to the owners of the site to let us have unlimited submissions and to free up the group leaders to submit when the judging will be done by vote. Who's with me?

We'll end it on the 4th of July and I'll try to have the winners up by July 20th.

Rules: hmmm.

The submission has to be a limerick. Anyone whose submissions are not limericks will have all their submissions disqualified. If you don't know what a limerick is, check out our forum for the instructions. Questions can be answered there also.

Due to overwhelming interest (no submissions so far) we have extended the deadline to August 12. And we're upping the ante. Check out the awards.


$10, The top limerick becomes part of our front page.


Susan S.
Susan S.
Tacoma, WA


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