Laura Palmer Contest  March 2, 2014 - April 2, 2014

Reading and Deliberating


I was inspired by Bastille's "Laura Palmer" to look up its title inspiration

I was inspired even more after researching the actual character from 'Twin Peaks'.

Write me something inspired either by the song or by the show
Poetry preferred, as I like it significantly, but I will accept one and all types of writing

Edit: sorry, Bastille, not Imagine Dragons… although i will consider your entry if you write a poem about THAT band :)

Also, it'd be super helpful if you could hint at in the description which option you chose. Thank you! ^_^


My love and affection and reviews


I am proud of you I am proud of you
I am proud of YOU as well I am proud of YOU as well
You hath done well too You hath done well too


Beau Maysey
Beau Maysey
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