Legends and Forgotten Lore  December 1, 2008 - December 20, 2008

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An Epic Poem - Poetic Injustice
The Grand Illusion - Angelic Fatality
A Fantastic Piece - [writing deleted]
Enchanting - Fairie Flutter
Truly Captivating - Knights of Camelot
Well Imagined - A Tale Of Bacon
Fantastique - Like Twisty Trees
Magnifique - Dragons
Tres Bien - The Last Selkie of Salt Sea
Bravi - Undying Fairy


This time I am seeking something more fantastical. As always, I prefer a romantic twist, and would prefer the poems not be violent or disturbing. Also, if you must curse in your works, please try to keep it minimal.

Anyways, down to the details. 10 finalists of my choosing will have their poems posted on my website, www.titusmcguire.com, for the duration of a month. There are no cash prizes, only the offer of exposure on my website, so if you do not wish for your poetry to be posted on the site, I would prefer you not enter this contest. Thank you.


Exposure on www.titusmcguire.com


Titus McGuire
Titus McGuire
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