Let's All Do What Kerry Does!  July 14, 2011 - July 29, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


Hello all!

Many are aware (but far fewer entered) of my recent imitation = Flattery contest. Kerry O'Connor was named as my doppleganger supreme, and as such, I turn the spotlight now onto her already glimmering work.

Contest objective: to compose a piece of poetry that mimics Kerry's timeless style.

Reasons to give this a shot:

1) Good poets can only really grow when studying and replicating supremely good poets. It's a little known fact that before Bukowski started writing his own pieces, he spent many sober months writing poems in the styling of T.S. Eliot. Heck, even Bob Dylan had his "I'm actually Woody Guthrie years.

2) What better way to show your undying devotion to the poetry goddess O'Connor (those are my own terms of endearment) than to bow humbly and let your pen show your love.

3) Prizes. Metaphorical, intangible prizes.

Like many contests, this must be an original work: not a poem you wrote a while back that by happenstance carries a Kerry quality. I am giving you until the end of the month, which will be plenty of time to soothe your nervous poet fingers and scrawl out something decent.

To ensure an authentic and bon fide doppleganger, Kerry O'Connor will determine the winning entry.


Winning poet will be the subject of the next imitation challenge


Doppleganger Supreme Doppleganger Supreme
Klose to Kerry Klose to Kerry
Also Klose to Kerry Also Klose to Kerry


Ms. Gruye
Ms. Gruye
St. Paul, MN


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Ms. Gruye is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Ms. Gruye if you have any further questions.

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