Let it Out  November 19, 2014 - November 22, 2014

Contest Completed


First place - Black Cherry Wine
Second place - Song of the Sigurd Stones
Third place - Ra'qedyet
Runner up - `Of Death`
Runner up - Love and Dust
Runner up - Crimson and Charisma
Runner up - ONE LAST KISS
Runner up - Thinking of you


Pick two of your best works, and submit them. They can be any kind of writing - stage play, story, poetry, etc. - and any kind of genre.

It should be noted that if your piece is over 5k words, I will read it, but I will not consider it when deciding the winner's.


If you get first place, I will review two of your works. If you get second place, I will dedicate the next poem of mine to you. If you get third place, you get bragging rights.



17 Contestants
33 Submissions
Created Nov 19, 2014