Lets Talk About Sex  September 29, 2010 - October 6, 2010

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King/Queen of Erotica - Preparing for My Date with You
Erotica Master - Once Upon An Orgasm...
Great Erotica Writer - The Painting


Latley I have just been dying to read some good erotica, and also dying to enter a good erotica contest. There only one problem. Everytime someone makes a contest for erotica it's for only poetry.

Because I don't really care for poetry much, I want to read your best STORIES, or CHAPTERS involving some kind of sexual act. Please note that if it's a chapter I need to be able to tell whats going on, and not have to really read the chapters before it to realy understand the book.

You can make the story as dirty or clean as you want. The more creative the better the points though.

You have one week to come up with the best story you can, or enter one that you've already written. Cant wait to read all your stories.

Poetry will automatically be disqualified.

If you like this contest, check out the group Lets Talk About Sex. I will host contests and challenges often there.

Happy Writing.


I will subscribe to your writing. Everyone gets an honest review.




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Created Sep 29, 2010