Letters Of Your Name  March 23, 2011 - April 6, 2011

Contest Completed


1st - One Less Predator!
2nd - [writing deleted]
3rd - Frankly My Dear....


Using the Letters in yours or someone elses name write a poem. It can be about anything or anyone. To express love or hatred. Whatever it is you feel about the person.
e.g for Robert Smith-lol
Rustle up a lyric.
Own that pot of hair gel.
Be the icon.
Everyone is inhaling your air.
Realising you've entered the room.
Trying to act cool, keep low.

Smiling with the evergreen frown.
Mouthing each word to each girl.
Is it just me who sees you?
Time to go, gig's over.
Happiness is two tickets away.

No restrictions two weeks to write. Good luck.

Also ignore the awful writing above, it's just an example D:


London, England, United Kingdom


13 Contestants
14 Submissions
Created Mar 23, 2011

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