Letters of Love  July 2, 2010 - July 23, 2010

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Heart Melter - Because
A Lover Indeed - [writing deleted]
Heart Tickler - [writing deleted]
1st Runner Up - It's Normal
2nd Runner Up - A Web of Love
Honeralble Mention - [writing deleted]


I was going through my writing the other day, and I stumbled across a love letter that I wrote a long time ago. Whilst reading the letter, I thought to myself, "humf, not bad." But I wanted more! And what better place to turn to?

So, submit a LOVE LETTER. Non-fiction would be ideal for the contest, although fictional love letters have produced literary masterpieces before...

Any genre is acceptable, but please start off your love letter with Dear, My love, or anything to indicate that it IS a letter, instead of just a poem you wrote a long time ago that has nothing to do with the contest theme (WHICH IS LOVE LETTERS, NOT LOVE POEMS). :) Thanks, and the winners will be chosen by you!


The fun and satisfaction of entering a contest!


Philip S.
Philip S.
Gulf Shores, AL


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