Life : "A Journey"  May 22, 2013 - May 31, 2013

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#life : A Journey - Death is my name


Life A journey, it's derived and just came from my group "Reality of life".
Here, this contest represents our life, our culture, our attitude, our talking way, our time and everything about life.
#life : "A journey"
What we think about life ?
what we know about life's journey ?
How much we can put efforts ourself in this journey ?
Is spirituality plays or works in our this life's journey ?

This contest basically's based on our "THINKING". Like, we move on a path of life, but we even don't know where we have to go. Opportunities're in front of our eyes but, we don't know how we can get it. Memories're also a part of life like how can we make memories in our journey.

In the nutshell, #life : "A Journey" tells about our whole life from "birth" to "end" and what we in actual think about #life's journey.
It'd be great to see if you drop your much outstanding thoughts on #life : A Journey"





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