Listen to the Rain  October 1, 2007 - October 11, 2007

Contest Completed


First Place -- Excellent! - [writing deleted]
Second Place -- Extraordinary! - [writing deleted]
Third Place -- Exemplary! - [writing deleted]
Honerable Mention -- Wonderful Job! - [writing deleted]
Honerable Mention -- Great Job! - [writing deleted]
Honerable Mention -- Good Job! - [writing deleted]


This constest is for people who have different things that they like to do that keeps them calm. I like to listen to the rain because it makes my life seem easier. It's like a drug that I can rarely find (at the moment, Raleigh NC is in a droubt). I want to hear about everyone else's things that calms them down and make things seem better.


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Sweet Solitude
Sweet Solitude
Raleigh, NC


Created Oct 1, 2007

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