Longing for  August 27, 2007 - September 3, 2007

Contest Completed


This person is a fool not to be with you!!! - [writing deleted]
This person should definately give you a shot. - [writing deleted]
You should get at least a date out of it. - [writing deleted]


I have written alot lately for someone I love deeply and long for... so I want those out there who have a person that they want more than anything to write a poem showing that passion and desire you have to be with that special someone... I want to hear about why you love them and want to feel your longing to be with them... Come on and make me feel it!!!
Poems only!!!


The satisfaction that someone can make you feel so strongly!!!


The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)
The Rock And Roll Cowboy(REBEL WITH A CAUSE)
It's better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool


Created Aug 27, 2007