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Well Done, You Have My Attention - Introduction
Almost there but... - Chapter 2
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I'm looking for a novel to read through and critique. I've found finding a novel I enjoy in the jungles of WritersCafe is a bit of a crap shoot, so I'm trying this approach.

So, if you've written a novel you would like someone to make comments on, step right up and throw your word baby into the ring to fight it out with the others.

A few things to think about:
1. Looking for novels that are, at least, almost through the first draft stage. If your only two or three chapters into your project, keep plugging away. I find that commenting novels that are barely started do very little besides derailing people.

2. I'm tough on critiques. I always try to keep it positive and constructive, but I do tend to raise tough questions and, when the situation demands it and say things that might be tough to hear. If you're looking to improve your work I'm pretty sure you will find my advice useful. If your looking for someone to tell you how awesome you are and begin worshiping your piece as a new Holy Book, well.... you're not going to like me much.

3.That being said, I'm always willing to talk to people about their work. I love talking about writing and sharing ideas... that's kinda why I do this.

1.You get one chapter to capture my interest. It doesn't have to be your first chapter, but you get one.

2.No restrictions on language, sexual content or anything else. I'm a big boy, I can handle it.

3.No word limit, although if you're submitting a 10,000 word chapter, it better be a hell of a chapter.

4.Don't be a dick. This a good rule to keep in mind through all things in life. If you need this rule explained to you, please give the people in your life my deepest sympathies.

Prizes and whatnot:
Well done, you have my attention: I'm reading your piece. (Note: I do reserve the right to leave it if there is something terribly wrong i.e. plot disappears inside it's own bunghole or wanders around like a lunatic in a cornfield. I'll give you my reasons if that should happen.)

Almost there but.... : I'll give you some ideas on how to improve this one chapter.

Okay, that's it. Let's see what's been brewing out there.


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