Love - Beyond Your New Shirt  September 20, 2008 - October 20, 2008

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Winner Extraordinaire - True Love
Almost Winner Extraordinaire - Most Faithful Friend
Super Honorable Mention - Love IS A Beautiful Thing


Anybody can go to and look up a definition for love. But when we try to define it so straightforwardly in this way, it loses its entire depth and profundity. I want you to tell me what love is. You can use all the dictionaries you want and you can sit and think about how you "love" your boyfriend and you "love" the new purse Daddy just bought you, but I'm looking for something more. I'm challenging you to really think about what love is, what it can do, how it can make or break your entire outlook on life. You can even tell me why you don't think it really exists. I've never been in love before, and chances are, many of you haven't either. You don't have to have been in love to try to discover what it is.

And so, I leave you to write.
Don't worry about the structure or length. Take as few or as many words and white spaces as you need.


Fleeting happiness and a virtual high-five.




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