Love Lost  February 9, 2008 - February 16, 2008

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Champion Love Lost Poet - I Prayed to God
2nd Place Love Lost Poet - Valentines day
3rd Place Love Lost Poet - he\\\'s passing through my heart / stealing all my breath
4th Place Love Lost Poet - [writing deleted]
5th Place Love Lost Poet - [writing deleted]
6th Place Love Lost Poet - What Have You Done
7th Place Love Lost poet - Loss
Honourable Mention - Wishes and regrets
Honourable Mention - Our Love Can Never Die
Honourable Mention - Playthings
Honourable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honourable Mention - A Million Prayers


Love Lost
After watching City of Angels I couldn�t get over the fact he had given all up he knew for love and lost it in a second.
So�In this Valentines week when all are declaring love for each other..

Give me your weepiest love poems yet�make me cry, make me carry the words in my head for days..I just want poems about love lost..
How painful can you make them? Let me see how you grieve for the one that got away..
I feel the subject of losing a love can spark the most emotional writes ever.
I just want to read love poems about the loss of your love, how your heart is broken and you will never love again (can be real or fictional)
One week and one entry so make it the best yet�

(No cutting or suicide or emo..,I will discard them)




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