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Love You To Death.  August 4, 2008 - August 14, 2008

Contest Completed


'Single White Female' love - A MUSE
'Bride of Chucky' love...creepy - Stealing Your Heart Away
'A bugs Life' love. Ooh, ant sex. - Psychopathically Yours
'Spongebob and Patrick' love. Hehehe - Your Perfect Eyes
'Jerry Springer' love. Haha!!! - Dirty Blood (Obsessive Fan Part II)


Hey all you psychotic, love struck fools. This contest asks you to write a piece of work about love in all its twisted glory. Make me feel the torment, baby! Make it as painful and heartfelt as possible. Make me cry, make me shiver, make me WANT a disturbed lover who will hide in my fireplace at night singing You Are My Sunshine.

Make it creepy, Lovers.





27 Contestants
44 Submissions
Created Aug 4, 2008