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Love and Light Poems!  September 25, 2011 - September 30, 2011

Contest Completed


Love Award - [writing deleted]
Affection Award - Life is about Love
Kindness Award - The Story of You and I
Light Award - Butterflies
Peace Award - More To Life
Imagine Award - [writing deleted]
Hope Award - Milady Amaranth
Oneness Award - Creativity


Hello beautiful people :-) This is not a contest or a run where anyone of us will be left out, this is just to praise and appreciate all of our good work what we have been doing. It has it's own powers and are equally important. So be a part and get appreciated ~Love, Light and Peace~ Spread the message!


Love, Affection, Kindness, Light, Peace, Imagine, Hope!


Sagar Waingankar
Sagar Waingankar
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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