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Regular Shakespear on our hands - Ocean (Patched together/Revised after I lost the original)
Most mind blowing.... I mean my head just literally exploded.......metaphor - Roses
"Too Much flow for a tampon" Best Wordsmith - [writing deleted]
Most.........ummmmmm.......interesting (maybe slightly awkward) metaphor - Poverty..A love story
"What did love ever do to you?" Most depressing metaphor - `Mercy~`He Sighs`~sonnet~
"Wait..... what?" Most confusing poem - SideKick Moment 04.23.09


I just created my own poem of directly creating metaphors for love and it was quite fun! So I thought it would be more fun for everyone to share their own "love metaphor" poems!

To give an example here are some lyrics from an Atmosphere song (Love Is A Pimp) that inspired me:
"Love is a lot like a buzz, when the buzz is strong it can spawn hallucinations, it can roll into a permanent vacation, or it can crash just to land your a*s in the pavement. Love is a lot like an ego when it's up it can let people down, when it's lost they wanna see it found, but when it grows everybody wants to toss it around"


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