Love of God And His Love for all His Children.  October 12, 2008 - October 15, 2008

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Show me your love for God and all He has done in your life

Example One I wrote after a near death experience

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace filled my heart today
In a hospital room full of woe
Jesus allowed my doctor to hear
In the secret place that�s all aglow

He heard the love God has for me
With each strong and steady beat
He listened in the Holy Place
And God�s healing showed complete

The Song says how sweet the sound
He saved a wretch like me
He healed my body and my soul
My Lord did set me free

I give God praise all the day long
For the Amazing Grace He�s shown
I whispered, Into Thy hands Oh Lord
And I knew I wasn�t alone

I once was blind, but learned to see
Through God�s Amazing Eyes
He walks with me each and every day
Each Amen glows in the skies


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Nancy Lee Shrader
Nancy Lee Shrader
Beckley, WV


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Created Oct 12, 2008