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Love  August 31, 2008 - September 1, 2008

Contest Completed


New Love Award - Sweet Little Romance
Heart Break Award - What Is Love
Great Poem Award - My Dear Riley
Awesome Poem Award - Together & Forever
Just A Terrific Poem Award - No Longer Invisible
Deserves An Award - What hurts the most...
Deserves An Award - Untitled
Deserves An Award - The Story Between A Boy & A Girl


This is a contest for ANY kind of love poetry. It could be fallling in love, falling out of love, heart break, betrayal, etc. There are no "real" prizes for this contest. The only prize you get is a badge for your account or profile or whatever.


a badge for your profile on writerscafe



26 Contestants
64 Submissions
Created Aug 31, 2008