Loveless Fairytales  July 20, 2009 - August 31, 2009

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Over all winner - Piglets
Most Depressing - The Fate of Eve
Most Creative - [writing deleted]
honerable mention - [writing deleted]
honerable mention - NOT OF OUR KIND


Take any fairytale you know and make it so it has an ending where happily ever after doesn't exist. Make them depressing and gruesome. I want to see fairytales gone bad! it can be your favorite, least favorite fairytale. It can me a well known fairytale or one you think no one's heard of before. No super long stories but all short stories, poems or anything can be read in one sitting is allowed. Make sure that in the description box you put the name of the fairytale you're retelling. Have fun a be super creative! The more creative you are the better you're chance is of winning. Message me if you need a suggestion on what fairytale to do. I would be glad to help
<3 Tallulah


$0.00, pride of winning a contest! and getting one of those cool badges



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