Lovers and Friends  January 31, 2009 - February 14, 2009

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I Feel The Love- Grand Prize - Love is a Friend
Love in its Truest Form - Tattooed Like Angel\'s Wings
Your Love Will Stand the Test of Time - If I...
Your Love Is Beautiful - [writing deleted]
Your Love is Amazing - My Heartburn
Your Love is Unbreakable - Love speaks...
Your Love is Pure - Dandelion Love
Your Love is Endless - Eternal Flame
Your Love is Unconditional - Silhouette
Your Love is Strong - Pendulum
Lovely~ Honorable Mention - Wish
Lovely~ Honorable Mention - A Picture of Love
Lovely~ Honorable Mention - `loving you`
Lovely~ Honorable Mention - No More Lonely Nights
Lovely~ Honorable Mention - Reincarnation


This is in honor of Valentines Day. Give me poems about love, whether it be for a lover, a friend, a mother, a brother, a stuffed animal, a pet, or a favorite cousin. It can be about anyone! But must come from the heart & be filled with love. You can enter 2 pieces of writing and you have until Valentine's Day to get your entires in. So make me feel the love!!


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