Lovey Dovey  June 4, 2010 - July 1, 2010

Contest Completed


Most Romantic Person EVER! - This Poem is A Lot More Than You Think
Honorable Romantic - Our Last Night
Lost Love Romantic - [writing deleted]
Lovey Dovey Feeling - My love is a whisper
Forever Romantic - [writing deleted]
Fighting for Love - Here to Stay


This contest is for romantic poems or stories either fiction or nonfiction. I would prefer for you to use little words, but note that longer poems tend to have more feeling and use as much emotion as you could muster. PLEASE keep this appropriate for all ages.

Here are the topics (please title them as one of these):

First Love
Lost Love
Forever In Love
Fighting for Love
Lovey Dovey
Honorable Romantic

One of these would be prefered. If you would prefer your own title, that is accepted. Thank You.


$00000, You will win the fabulous prize of being the most romantic person ever! <3


New Haven, ND


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