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One is the Loneliest - The Lonely Book
Two heads are better than one - TWO
Three on a match - [writing deleted]
Four Winds - Four Heart Beats
High-Five - [writing deleted]
Six feet under - Revelation (Six Feet Under)
Seven Wonders - [writing deleted]
Behind the Eight Ball - EIGHT
Cloud # 9 - Crowned Lucky Thirteen
10 pins down bowling - Thirteen Lucky Black Cats
The Eleventh hour - [writing deleted]
Twelve steps program - THIRTEEN
LUCKY ^ 13 ^ - On The Number 13
Fourteenth Century - [writing deleted]
Fifteenth Amenment - Buried Alive
Sweet Sixteen - THIRTEEN
Seventeen Forever - Seventeen


Tomorrow being my birthday(yes, I'm one of those lucky enough to be born on the 13 of a month)Idecided to have a Lucky 13 Contest~ Do you have any fears, superstitions of it or do you actually like the Lucky 13 number/ As for Me , I love it!! I guess I had better cause i have to live with it~I've even had the friday 13th birthdays,lol~ There's even a phobia about that #13~
Fear of the number thirteen is known as tridecaphobia, tredecaphobia, or triskaidekaphobia. Individuals with this condition may fear any situation involving the number thirteen, such as a house number, the floor of a building, or the thirteenth day of the month. For this reason, many buildings don't have a thirteenth floor.

You may send up to 3 pieces~poems, unrhyme or rhyme, short stories Very Short ~no Chapters, or books please~ Now since there are 20 awards you can pick any number from 1 to 20 to write about~ just make sure you let me know what # you're choosing~ like if you choose to pick #5 put the number somewhere in your write or note it at the bottom~ Say you pick # 5 , and you see the award for # says High 5, you don't have to write about that as a subject~ you can perhaps choose to write about a 5 pointed star, be creative and write about your numbers you like or dislike,what ever goes~
The lucky 13 is the Winner of this contest~ Remember to have fun with this and I am not picky about mispelling,etc.... Let the ink flow!~Fran Marie


13 black cats??~(jk)


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