Lyric of me what u got!!!  May 6, 2010 - May 25, 2010

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DA WINNER (with bragging rights) - Venom
da second WINNER!!! (with a bit of bragging rights) - Your Not Perfect
da third WINNER (with minimum bragging rights) - Brand New Thing


I love music, and I'm looking to write a song on the piano, give me a good song that has nice beat and flow (inspires me)...and try to keep it PG-13 k =)
I don't really care what genre the song is really, just please tell me if its slow or fast sounding THANKX!!!


$0.00, the amazingness of being a WINNER...and BRAGGING RIGHTS!!! (oooo-ahhhhh)


<3 Simply Rebekah <3
<3 Simply Rebekah <3
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Andrew Nelson Stewart Andrew Nelson Stewart
In poetry and to find answers of who we are while walking the ephemeral road upon cracks of pain signs leading you.