Lyrical Alliteration  July 7, 2011 - July 14, 2011

Contest Completed


1st "True Singer" - Winter Willow
2nd "Bard's Apprentice" - Magic Valentine
3rd "Able Lyricist" - [writing deleted]
4th "Harp Strummer" - One more question:26/11



Use Alliteration (Tastefully)
The one qualification of this contest is obviously that poems contain some form of alliteration. Like all devices of poetry, however, it should be used to enhance the poem, not as the poem's sole purpose. So don't write a poem chalk full of alliteration, expecting to win. Consider the other descriptor word: lyrical. I want to see how you can subtly weave in alliteration in a way that makes your poem flow and sing!

Avoid Rhyming
Avoid intentional rhyming and rhyme schemes. Submissions should rely on alliteration for cohesion and flow, rather than rhyming. This will earn you higher consideration.

Keep It Focused
I do prefer shorter poems. You'll have to be very convincing in your structure and flow to engage me through the entire length of a really long poem. I won't say shorter poems will earn higher consideration; it's simply the fact that a shorter poem is more likely to be better constructed.


  • Any of your poems, new or old, may be submitted.
  • You may also submit song lyrics, if they are appropriately poetic. Indicate clearly that it is a song if you wish it to be read as such.
  • All poetic styles are fine.
    Note: I'm not a learned poetry guru, so don't expect me to recognize a particular meter or use of alliteration. You won't get any extra points for "using your stuff".
  • It can be about any topic, but please be respectful to everyone else. If it has the mature flag, then please include in the title a descriptor like [Sexual] or [Profanity] so others can decide whether they want to read it.

== PRIZES ==

I will review all winning entries, detailing why I loved it =) I may also review "non"-winning entries, because more than likely I will have to make some hard choices, so those not chosen deserve, in my opinion, an explanation.

I also will likely promote your work on Facebook and such, telling everybody what awesome writers you are (unless you explicitly tell me not to, which of course will be honored). So you never know - you might have random people checking you out and adding your stuff to their favorites . . .

Good luck! Looking forward to reading some lyrical masterpieces ;)


YAY, you won, have a cookie ;-p Oh, and a review and possible promotion


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David Michael
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