Lyrics Contest  May 21, 2012 - May 31, 2012

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1st Place - Save Me
2nd Place - Where are you my love?
3rd Place - [writing deleted]


Heyy so I've always wanted to do a contest on here where I could submit some of my song lyrics, but I could never find one. So I've decided to make my own because I'm sure some of you other people have wanted to do it, too. I basically just made this to hopefully get lyric contests started. Hopefully if anyone who submits lyrics likes it and they can make their own and stuff like that so that some people can get feedback. So I'll just do this as a free song write. It can be about anything you want. My only rule is it has to be lyrics and it has to be something you wrote. Have fun! <3


Krista Weiss
Krista Weiss
Blairstown, NJ


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