MAKE YOUR WRITING INTO AN INDEPENDENT FILM!!!  September 20, 2007 - January 1, 2008

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***UPDATE - 12/13/07***
***Another Honorable Mention Award has been added, summing up the total as three Picks and three Honorable Mentions***

I'm an independent filmmaker looking for great adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, and inspirational stories for my next project. Your writing could be just that project!

I accept any kind of writing. Here are some things that need to be kept in mind:
1.) The story can be fantastical, but it has to be doable. I have access to professional quality CG graphics, chroma keying (green screening for all you non-tech geeks) and more, but the budget will indeed be low. Don't let that stop you from being totally creative and amazing, though!!!
2.) It would be nice if the setting coud be desert or forest, as I cannot travel far for locations, I'm in Arizona and gas isn't cheap :) Again, it would be nice, but don't let that stop you from submitting stories with different settings.
3.) I will accept any kind of genre. The more fantastical, funny, or adventurous, the better.
4.) Keep at as clean as possible. Keep language minimal, outright sex is a no-no. Violence is fine, just don't go overboard.
5.) It can be any length, but the film will run anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes depending on material.
6.) You can submit up to 3 works per person.
7.) I DO NOT SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGE MATERIAL IN THE SCREENWRITING PROCESS UNLESS THERE IS A MAJOR REASON TO DO SO. I love to serve the true spirit of the author's intent, to put the author's feelings and characters into a visual form. Unless there is something I completely do not agree on, I don't like to totally change up the story for the sake of 'hollywood'-ness. Rest assured.
8.) The works submitted do not have to be freshly written, they can be previously written or made specifically for this contest.


I will pick 3 winners, or 'picks', and 3 honorable mentions, first being the most I liked, and on down. I will go to each winner in order from top to bottom, and discuss collaboration on a screenplay (if it isn't already a screenplay). I will go to all 3 winners before making a final decision.

The winner will receive writing and story credits, and possible pay if I can get the film into festival circuits or have it distributed.

GOOD LUCK, and if you have any questions or concerns message me through writerscafe or myspace.

Alex Merrill,
Atlantis Rising Productions


Writing and story credits, possible pay if film hits festivals or distribution.



Created Sep 20, 2007