MASTERS OF HORROR 2007  May 11, 2007 - July 23, 2007

Contest Completed


BEST HORROR STORY...EVER - [writing deleted]
AWESOME - Infection
YOU GOT MY VOTE - [writing deleted]
WELL DONE - The Skinny Man


What I am looking for is horror, the kind that is not afraid to hold back so please be as brutal as possible and I dont just mean the gore...though any respecting fan of horror wouldnt say no to the gore. You can mix genres if you wish, for example: Romance/horror or Sci-Fi/horror/romance anything at all its time to think outside the box and plant some trees there. Any length please, dont be shy and like I say...dont hold back be as creative as I and you know you can. Upon reading submissions I will be totally honest in my reviews I will weight the good point to the bad (if any) to the really really awesome. Scare me I dare you.

I eagerly await your submissions.

Good Luck


Peter J. Hodgson
Peter J. Hodgson
Bradford, West Yorkshire, England


Created May 11, 2007