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Week One Writer of the Week - A Dying Fire
Week Two Writer of the week - Only Angels Have Wings
Week Two Writer of the week - [writing deleted]

Details has relaunched and is looking for featured writers each month, along with a full page article promoting your writing a selection of your own writing will be set aside with descriptions of your work and inspirations sources, etc, basically a full interview of around 10 - 15 questions.

Prior to publishing on MWC you will receive a copy for proofing and for your own suggestions.

By submitting to this contest you are accepting that your work can be shown on website, any material entered will not be shown any where else and permission is granted for the moderator of this competition to use ONCE only on the site, this does not affect your own copyright and you still keep ownership of the work and can post it where ever you like.

There is NO CASH PRIZE so please do not ask for cash, this is also a non profit site and the article is the PRIZE and publicity surrounding it


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James Crawford
James Crawford
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


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