Magic and adventure  August 24, 2009 - August 31, 2009

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Some Damn good Fantasy/Sci-fi Adventuure writing. Good plot, Good character. - The Phoenix Girl
some good fantsy/Sci-fi Adventure writing. Good plot, Good character. - [writing deleted]
alright but not the best. Needs alot of work but shows promise - Tales of Recurrence(Working Title)
Deserving of a honorable Mention. Good try. - [writing deleted]


I have always loved adventure and fantasy story's my favorite's include sword and bow fighting but i will accept anything and juge fairly. However do not submit any writing that is close to Twilight or the other book's in the Twilight saga they will not be chosen you may include vampires and wolf's just be carful if your not sure enter it just remember it may not be chosen


none this is for fun


Matthew Ian Herrawood W
Matthew Ian Herrawood W
A Town, South Australia, Australia


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