Make Me Believe  July 19, 2010 - August 16, 2010

Contest Completed


I Love You - Love Ballad
Forever Love - [writing deleted]
Love Maker - Winter Passing
Gooey on the Inside - [writing deleted]
Now That's Love - Without Hesitation (No Reservations)
Yum Yum - I love the way you love me
I Believe in Love - [writing deleted]
The Best of Love - MY WORDS OF LOVE
Stars in my Eyes - Surreal Gift
You've Mastered Love - For Love


I want mushy love stuff. The mushier the better. The goal is to make me believe in love again. No heartbreak poetry in this one please. Only submit head over heals in love poetry. Go for it!


$0.00, Pure Satisfaction



40 Contestants
92 Submissions
Created Jul 20, 2010

filling an empty void
a turbulent relationship, an empty void to fulfil for others
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