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Adam Sandler's Godfather - [writing deleted]
Carlos Mencia would be proud - 3:15 From Torremolinos
Chapelle's sidekick - [writing deleted]
Ron White's drinking buddy - Always Listen To Mommy
Chris Rock's Opening Act - Competition Entry- Stand Up Comedy
Robin Williams-esque - A Day in the Life of a Urinal Cake
Almost Jon Stewart - [writing deleted]
A Little Smarter Than Larry the Cable Guy - Mistaken Identity
Conan O'Brien Wannabe - Ask the Rockstar
Will Ferrel's Butt Buddy - [writing deleted]


Poems are encouraged, stories are accepted, but they have to be under 8,000 words. I get very little pleasure out of life. I have to get it where I can. One place I'd like to get it is from your creative talent. Give me something so hilarious that it brightens up my dark little cesspool of an existence. I'll accept any humorous piece, but your best bet's gonna be with crude jokes, toilet humor, excessive cuss words, and anything offensive to large groups of people. Too high brow and your out. Too low brow (i.e. Larry the Cable Guy) and you're out. Try to find a happy medium.


One complimentary jar of Salsa Con Queso


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