Make Me Smile:)  June 22, 2011 - June 24, 2011

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Laughed so hard i peed my pants! - Harry vs Edward.
Made me laugh - Frog Poo
Made me Giggle:) - sugar snow
Tee-hee:D - [writing deleted]
I smiled so wide, my face ripped in two! - A Mouse in The house!
Made me smile wide! - Meow
Made me smile many times! - Bed Time Story
Made me smile - DENTAL COURT
Made me smile - My Horse Wears Converse All-Stars
Made me smile - [writing deleted]


Be silly, goofy, funny, outrages, amazing, crazy, GO WILD! Tell me a bunch of jokes, write a funny story, write a goofy poem, give me a funny news article (that you made up), or anything else! I don't care how you do it, but when im done reading your work, i should be smiling!

Also...... if you are writing a poem, include rhymes or somthing like that:)

Also...... adding a funny/ cute photo will help when i judge:))


i will promote you in anyway possible and my complete respect AND a smile:)



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